Contract with The Republic of Ghana Government to Build 15,000 Prefabricated Affordable Homes

We are pleased to announce that Antebe Abebrese Company Ltd has signed a contract with the Republic of Ghana government to build 15,000 prefabricated affordable apartments over the next 10 years, as part the government’s drive to address the country’s 1.7 million and growing housing deficit.

The team we have in place to lead the effort to fulfil this contract has more than 40 years of building experience in Ghana, however, to deliver this project, Antebe Abebrese Company has executed a definitive Joint Venture Agreement (“JV”) with Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp (EHT). EHT will be working with our engineers, local workers and technical teams.

“We are extremely pleased to successfully complete the JV and have the opportunity to work with a world-class organization like EHT,” said Antebe Abebrese Company CEO Anthony Abebrese. “The EHT organization offers, among other opportunities, the final piece in our strategy by ensuring our products are ecological, sustainable, and offer a boost to the economy by not only providing employment for local communities but also sourcing material locally through EHT’s joint venture agreement with Groupe NDUOM Limited of Ghana. Through a subsidiary of GN which is a long-established EPS foam production organization, EHT has now secured manufacturing capacity locally here in Ghana. EHT will manufacture its Embedded Solar Roof sections at its Welland, Ontario facility and ship them to GN for final assembly and module integration, this will be very cost-effective for AAC”

EHT is engaged in the business of manufacturing solar panels, distributing renewable energy products, and manufacturing fibreglass skin for assembly of modular houses. This project will deliver solar-powered estates with semi-furnished two and three-bedroom units, for lower-to-middle income Ghanaians. In order to commence the project, Antebe Abebrese has been allotted 100 acres by the Chiefs and the King of Mampong to create a community of four storey apartment blocks.

About Antebe Abebrese Company

Antebe Abebrese Company (AAC) is not your ordinary construction company. AAC, being a multi-national organization engaged, among many other things, in the construction business. Our expertise in block manufacturing, estimating, construction, pre-construction services and project management ensures that our customers receive a quality product at a fair price and in a reasonable time frame.